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Commission (% of Sales) 20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Direct Deposit Yes
Minimum Payment $25
Return Days (Cookies) 30
Data Feed Available Yes
Expanded Data Feed Yes

Why Join our Magazine Subscription Affiliate Program?

  • Because by linking to our site you get paid commissions of 20%. You earn more because we offer worldwide delivery. The average sale for USA orders is $26.00. Unlike other competitors our Canadian & International delivery provides you with a worldwide marketplace. Our affiliates EARN MORE! The average sale for both Canadian & International orders is $151.00.
  • Magazine subscription affiliate programs are effective and profitable because they are the perfect complement to any Website's subject matter. We carry 100's of titles that cover every interest and every category that will correlate with your products.

The Whole World is Your Oyster! Sell Magazines Subscriptions With OUR Magazine Subscription Affiliate Program and Earn More! Our magazine affiliate program gives you the best opportunity to earn more per sale.

  • At the most basic level our magazine subscription affiliate program offers unparalleled commission payouts. You'll earn 20% commission on magazines that are purchased by linking to

Commission Chart

Commission 20%

Commissions will be paid at the rate indicated for all sales that occur in any calendar month.


  • Shareasale affiliate network offers state-of-the-art technology that gives you complete control over the planning, execution, tracking and reporting of your online sales activities.

About ShareASale

ShareASale Established in 2000. ShareASale provides award winning technology and service. All payments are paid Signup with one check or direct deposit by ShareASale. ShareASale was recognized by Best Web as the Best Affiliate Network in '05, '06, '07 and '08, and Best Affiliate Program in '06 and '07. ShareASale was also the recipient of the acclaimed Affiliate Marketing Legend Pinnacle Award in 2008.

MORE Reasons to Become a Affiliate!

Very High Conversion Rate

  • Unlike other competitors you get a higher conversion rate and earn more with our worldwide shipping. Our marketing and promotions department offers targeted product offerings that help maximize your sales. Our vast selection of 1197 magazine titles has a higher target and thus, yields optimum conversion while offering worldwide shipping on 100's of titles.
  • All of our magazine titles have high brand recognition and serve hundreds of niche markets. The average subscription price on USA orders is $19. The average sales price on Canada & International orders is $69.
  • Holiday gift subscription sales can increase your profits by 300%. Magazine subscriptions are an enormously popular form of entertainment, making gift subscriptions the ideal low-cost gift that keeps on giving all year long.
  • To facilitate Gift Orders shoppers can fill out then send eCards to recipient's in real time.
  • User experience is paramount to us. Shoppers love our user friendly website that provides the very best in searching and finding products. Our website was designed to produce the highest conversion rate possible, ensuring that the user experience is the best it can be.

Earn $$$$ with a hands-free business as a member of our magazine affiliate program.

  • No third party processing. Faster clearing means happy customers and fewer cancellations, which adds to your bottom line. Unlike other competitors we have our own in-house clearing unit that handles all of the fulfillment, processing and customer service.
  • It's easy to log on to our magazine subscription affiliate program site 24-hours a day to access your tracking and reporting.

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  • Joining our magazine subscription affiliate program is absolutely FREE and takes just a FEW minutes.